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Muse, as usual, were utterly incredible - their sound is pretty much ideal for arenas and stadiums these days, even though Wembley clearly have some work to do on their sound engineering... (Great pyro and set, too).
Biffy Clyro were very impressive - lot of energy, and having a lot of fun!
My Chemical Romance - teenygoth angst wank. "don't commit suicide" - well, get off the stage then before you drive me to it!

Edit: photos - http://flickr.com/photos/samizdat_thom/sets/72157600390330522/


In your opinion, what has President Bush’s greatest achievement been?

For me, the answer is easy. He beat terrorism at home and abroad. But some might say his deft handling of the economy, or his commitment to moral values, or his restoration of decency to public life.


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NiN + Very Small Church == Win.

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http://www.d-n-i.net/lind/lind_1_23_07.htm is a pretty interesting viewpoint...

so today is our final brand launch at work, and we're pretty stoked to announce Joost.com, although it does mean we lose out on all the inquisitive "what the hell does The Venice Project mean?" questions.

(I apologise for the exceptionally geeky title - it's 7am and i've been up for an hour and a half...)

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Subject: You Won eBay Item: NINE INCH NAILS x 1 TICKET AMSTERDAM PARADISO, 21/03/07

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I was just interviewed by a reporter for Wired. No idea if /anything/ I said will be used - he was writing a fluff piece on Work - but hey, how could I not be famous? ;-)

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http://english.pravda.ru/russia/politics/11-01-2006/9488-condoleezza-0 is a bit special.

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it's kinda fun watching people write stuff about the company you work for :-)

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